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Vim (Vi IMproved) is a popular and long-established text editor. Even though it was first released in 1991, Vim still has a large user base nowsaday with many active communities. Many plugins extends the functionalities of Vim to rival even the most advanced GUI-based text editors available. Among many reasons that many people love Vim are

  • Extensible -- like most modern text editors, Vim can be customised completely and has a lot of plugins available.
  • lightweight -- Unlike most modern editors and IDEs, Vim can open up nearly instantaneous.
  • Ubiquitous -- Vim can be found nearly everywhere. It comes prebundled in nearly every UNIX-based system.

Vi (including Vim) is an eternal rival with Emacs editor in the renown Editor War.

Basic Usage[edit]

Vim command summary

VIM 101: a quick-and-dirty guide to our favorite free file editor

Useful plug-in[edit]

This is a list of useful Vim plugins curated by Wattanit.

Wattanit's vimrc -- Wattanit's Vim comfiguration file

Pathogen -- A popular plugin manager for Vim

NERDTree -- A Tree-style file explorer


Learn Vimscript the Hard Way - A very comprehensive guide of how to write your own Vimscript, which can extend the functionality of Vim until the sky is the limit.